Dear Guest,

Welcome to your vacation home! Welcome to Florida, The Sunshine State.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday/vacation.

Thank you for choosing to spend your vacation in our home. In an effort to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled some information and rules so that everything becomes more smoothly.

Please take a few minutes to read it.

Have a magical vacation!

Our office is located at:

6965 Piazza Grande Av, Suite 418

Orlando, Florida, 32835

Tel – +1 (844) 345-1549

Email – booking@onevacationhome.com

Web – www.onevacationhome.com

Hours of Business

Monday – Friday – 09:00am until 5:00pm

After Hours – Our telephone lines are monitored by a manned answering service that will take messages or connect you with a member of the management team in the event of an emergency.

If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1


Just a reminder check-out time is 10 a.m. 

That’s especially important so that the house can be cleaned and prepared for the next guest’ arrival at 4:00.

Departures after 10 AM, will result in charges to your security deposit at a rate of $25.00 for each 15 minutes past 10:00 AM.

* If you have moved any furniture or belongings, please put them back in their original places.

* Take out all trash and recycling. You can put trash and recycling in the appropriate bins.

* Pack up or throw away food in the kitchen, including in the fridge.

* Load and run the dishwasher.

* Pile dirty kitchen linens on the kitchen floor.

* Make sure appliances, electronics, and heating/cooling equipment such as toaster oven, coffee maker, TV, fans, etc., are turned off in a safely manner.

* Check that the gas grill is off and the grates are clean, if you have rented it.

* Check throughout the house for any personal items (including under the beds, in drawers, and around all electrical outlets).

(Please note that if you do leave something behind, we cannot assume responsibility for it. If you leave something behind and let us know within 24hrs of your check-out, we will try to locate it and make arrangements to have it shipped to you, though we may need you to cover the shipping.)

* Strip the beds, and put all dirty bed linens on the floor in each bedroom.

* Pile used bath towels and other bath linens on the floor of each bathroom.

* Lock all windows and exterior doors.
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 * Turn off all interior and exterior lights.          

* As you leave the property, lock the main door and put the keyring in the same location where it is was when you checked in if you have used one.


  • Service is provided seven 7 -days a week, excluding major holidays, beginning at 8:00AM.
  • Please, place all bagged trash right outside of your front door daily prior 08:00 AM, Trash placed out after 08:00 AM may be missed if collection has started. Some home’s trash bins may look like a seating area or a chest but be assured that indeed is a trash bin for your use.
  • Loose trash will not be collected. Please use trash bags
  • All boxes are to be broken down and placed neatly by the waste station.

By following these instructions, the trash runs smoothly and keeps the property clear of trash. Furthermore, it reduces the number of leaks, drips, and spills, which reduces unwanted pests such as ants, roaches, and many others.

Air Conditioning and Heating System.

Thermostats will be set to “automatic “and cool (or heat, if necessary).

Do not set the temperature too low, 72º – 74º is enough for cooling down the entire property.

A/C only works effectively when all windows and doors are fully dosed. With extreme temperatures, some systems may not achieve the cooling or heating desired. Please note that setting the thermostat to a lower setting will not cool the house any quicker. Furthermore, by doing this could freeze the machine, resulting in a service call to rectify the problem and no A/C for several hours. You may incur service charges to rectify frozen systems.

Kitchen Appliance:

The kitchen is fully equipped with many modern conveniences. Please do not use abrasives cleaners on the work top surfaces or sink.

  • Cooker – The Grill is built into the top of the oven – to use, turn dial to “broil” and remember to leave the oven door open when grilling.
  • Dishwasher – Pease use only dishwasher powder or tablets, NOT liquid meant for hand washing dishes. If you are unsure as to which detergent to use, please ask!
  • Waste Disposal – This is built into the sink and operated by a nearby switch. Never use without a steady flow of water. The unit should be used to dispose of organic material only. Vegetable peelings, eggshells, meal leftovers. No larges bones, corncobs or metal. Also note that you should switch the unit off prior to stopping the flow of water. Please be careful and adhere to these instructions, as the cost of any repairs due to misuse will be deducted from your security deposit.


Tablemats and coaster are provided for dining room table, this will protect it from hot dishes and plates. Please use them when necessary

Coasters are also provided for the coffee and side tables, also the nightstands.

We ask you to be mindful of some fragile furniture throughout the home, as well as the wall being dry wall, to be careful when moving your bags and belongings.


Pets are not allowed in the homes unless you have reserved a “Pet Friendly Home” and advised us of the intent to bring a pet into the home. You may be charged a pet fee if one is brought to the home without authorization and no proof or service animal.


Due to Florida’s tropical climate, there are many insects native and common to all areas. All our properties are contracted to pest control; however, this does not completely erase the problem, especially during extreme weather conditions. If you experience a particular ongoing problem, contact our office and we will arrange for a pest control technician to visit the home as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, the septic systems cannot take anything other than toilet paper. If you flush any of the following down the toilet will clog and overflow:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Kleenex
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Big Amounts of Hair

Pool Equipment:

Outside the pool screen is where the main equipment for the pool operation is located. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any guest tamper with or attempt to alter the settings of this equipment. If any call-out or repair for problems relating to the pool is found to be because the equipment has been tampered with, the call-out charge will be charged directly to the guest or deducted from the security deposit held.

If you have paid for the pool heater functionality, the heater will work on an automatically timer, ranging from 10AM – 6PM and is set to heat the water between 87 and 90 degrees. The heater works only when the pool pump is running. But don’t worry, we have made all the required adjustments for your stay if this service was requested. There is also a timer located near the sliding door access to the pool area, this will control the water flow of the jacuzzi, resulting in a pleasant experience in the spa and raising g the temperature slightly.

Outside cool temperatures will affect the ability of the pool heater to heat the water. We cannot turn the pool heater up or adjust to make it work harder or faster, we made all the necessary adjustments so that the system works properly upon your arrival.

We provide a weekly pool cleaning and maintenance service.

Some debris and insects may appear in the pool between services, especially following storms or rain. However, the water is constantly filtered and will not affect usage of the pool.

The pool service will only be carried out on designated days. You may use the net provided to remove any debris between services.

  • DO NOT DIVE, the pool is not deep enough.
  • Never swim during a thunderstorm.
  • Never leave children in the pool unattended.
  • Do not lock screen door to pool enclosure. The pool cleaner needs access.
  • All towels, pool toys, masks etc. Must be removed from the Pool/Area upon your departure.
  • Do not leave trash in the pool area.

Flu pinocchio GIF on GIFER - by FaushuraSmoking:

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside every home. If during your stay or on the departure inspection it is found a guest has smoked in the home, their security deposit will be charged a minimum fee of $200. Same goes with any use of drugs or underage drinking is found in the property.


Mickey Mouse Minnie PNG | PNG AllThis home is equipped with wireless internet. Network information can be found on the Home Instructions sent to your e-mail address. If you experience any Wi-Fi connection troubleshoot, feel free to contact us during business hours so we can make all the amends necessary, However, most times a quick resolution can be made by rebooting the modem and router by unplugging both from their respective power source and plugging it back on safely, after at least 10 seconds. They are usually located near the laundry area or closets in master suites.

Telephone Service & Charges:

All residences have a telephone, which is not connected to a central switchboard. Local and toll-free calls are included with the reservation, and a pre-paid phone card is required for long-distance calls. For more information, please contact our main office. 

Phone Numbers:

  • EMERGENCY (Fire-Police-Medical) 911
  • Osceola County sheriff – (407) 348-1100

House Conditions:

We understand that accidents happen, however there is a big difference between accidents and misusage.

If these items bellow are missing or damage, the following charges may be assessed:

Bath Towel$15.00
Hand Towel$6.00
Wash Cloth$3.00
Dish Towel$4.00
Oven Mitt$6.00
Sheet King$50.00
Sheet Queen$40.00
Sheet Twin$30.00
Pillow King$20.00
Pillow Standard$15.00
Pillow Protector$5.00
Mattress Pad King$40.00
Mattress Pad Queen$30.00
Mattress Par Twin$25.00
King Blanket$30.00
Queen Blanket$25.00
Twin Blanket$20.00
Bed Skirt$20.00

Maintenance Services:

The following charges are based on our maintenance staff carrying out repairs etc. If an external or emergency contractor must be used the charges can be more expensive.

ServiceDuring Office HoursAfter Hours
Additional Pool Clean$50.00N/A
Pool Screen Repair$50.00N/A
Unblock Toilet/Bathtub$40.00$80.00
Unblock Waste Disposal$20.00$50.00
Locked Out$80.00$200.00
Late CheckoutPlease call our office pro pricing

Replacement door keys will be charged at an additional $80.00. If a new lock mechanism is required, an additional $150.00 will be charged.

Rental Items and Services:

Plastic Patio Lounger$60.00
Plastic Patio Chair$35.00
3 Burner BBQ 1 Ful bottle of gas$85.00
Gas Tank Full$50.00
Extra Pack & Play + Bedding$65.00
Full Wooden Crib + Bedding$85.00
Single Stroller$85.00
Single Jogging Stroller$95.00
Baby Stair Gate$40.00
Standard 20” Wheelchair$100.00
Twin Rollaway Bed$75.00
7Ft Fully Decorated Christmas Tree with lights$110.00
Pool Table$90.00


The property will be delivered cleaned, sanitized and ready to use. Linens and towels are also included. Dishwasher soap, bathroom soap, garbage bag, toilet paper and paper towel are provided only for first use.


The Management Company will not rent to vacationing students or individuals under 21 years of age. Any reservation made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment of rent and deposit as well as possible eviction.

Safety Tips:        

Please, do not leave any vehicles parked on the roadway of other properties or on the grass verge.

Be careful to lock doors and close and lock windows when leaving the house. Keep the garage doors closed.

The neighborhood security is very vigilant, this is a very pleasant neighborhood, and we all wish to keep it this way.

Please abide by the quantity of guests allowed in the property, no large-scale parties are allowed whatsoever. We understand if you would like to host a gathering with some friends but be mindful that we have a guest limit that needs to be respected.

Courtesy would also be appreciated if our guests would be respectful of neighbors and not play stereos too loud.

When arriving home extremely late or leaving incredibly early, we ask to be mindful of any unnecessary noise.


As we said before, this is FLORIDA, which means that it is important to keep all food in the refrigerator or airtight containers. Any open packets, jars, loose bottles or food left out will encourage ants and other uninvited guests to hold full scale “parties” in the cupboards and along the units.

The Ants are not particular and would be quite happy to join you in the bedrooms providing you supply them with goodies.

So, for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of those staying with you, your cooperation is appreciated.